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Passwords are a Failure

March 2005 The Password Is Fayleyure Today’s password schemes are unworkable and offer little security for users. By Michael Schrage Under Review: Password selection for Yahoo! Mail etc. PokeKey1…ou812$…twasbri11ig!. All were favorite passwords of mine long ago. The first is … Continue reading

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The Mindful Blogger

Useful summary of things that need to be considered as a blogger about going on the record. Reputation is being built or not by Internet publishing and there is no eraser. BusinessWeek Online You Are What You Post Friday March … Continue reading

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Missing Children DNA samples

On TV yesterday there was a story about missing children quoting figures of 40,000 per year as runaways and 17,000 being abducted or missing for some other reason. The missing children organization that was being interviewed advocated a child identity … Continue reading

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Digital Signatures

Some background information on digital signatures from Entrust Entrust Resources Digital Signatures Digital Signatures are Best Practice for Electronic Communications and Transactions Digital signatures powered by public-key infrastructure (PKI) technology, are widely recognized as best practice for ensuring digital verification … Continue reading

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Protected: Can you keep a secret?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Cards, Agents or Avatars

Infocards is a much needed development for simplifying and unifying the security and privacy interactions that people are starting to have online. Although this is a much needed step and a challenge enough in itself to propagate and refine I … Continue reading

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Who to Trust Online?

I have recently done some research on trust and reputation in the online world and how you can differentiate online between the good guys and the bad guys. Google can be helpful but you need to decide which sources you … Continue reading

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The Identity Corner

The Identity Corner A treasure trove of information on Digital identity.

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