Monthly Archives: November 2006

Privacy Threat: Walking Bar Codes

Video on some of the privacy issues that people need to become informed about. Two great quotes in the video. We are in danger of becoming walking bar codes. People who are willing to give up a little privacy for a little security will get neither. This is attributed to Benjamin Franklin but his actual…

The Importance of Passport Security Design

Background on electronic passport plans in the US and some concerns that have been raised. It would be a very bad day if government required documents are used against citizens and the cost of fixing it later could be enormous. The following video shows a vulnerability of a passport RFID chip being read without a…

Summary of New Browser Security Features

This techrepublic article provides a useful summary of IE7 security features: Firefox 2 is also emphasizing security features:,+Mozilla+touts+security+and+speed/2100-1032_3-6129141.html

Canada ranked #1 for Privacy

Must be the week for Canadian patriotism. Here is a slashdot article with links for country rankings for privacy with Canada tied with Germany for #1. Feels good. More to be done. More to be done.