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Apple IOS is an Example of Trustworthy Computing that Started with Microsoft

Anil Dash has written another excellent article that provides a short history of trustworthy computing. It is illuminating because: It explains how Apple’s IOS is an example of a new computing model based on trustworthy computing principles It gives credit … Continue reading

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SMB Security Knowing-Doing Gap

A survey of 2000 small businesses in the US and UK shows a gap between security awareness and action. Security software company AVG surveyed a sample of 2,000 SMBs in the United States and United Kingdom and found that not … Continue reading

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Experiments Testing Airport Security Theater

Another expose on the ineffectiveness of airport security. The extra mile would be to suggest what should be done for a difficult problem of delivering effective security while not overly inconveniencing people and jeopardizing air travel business. This article at … Continue reading

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