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The truth about Internet Rumours revealed

I have found as a quite useful and trustworthy site for research on Internet rumours and scams. It is a bit like the mythbusters tv show as it strives to provide the truth on information being spread especially when the sources aren’t usually known.

Some items that I have recently checked on.

Hallmark Postcard Virus is partially true.

The rumour that hotel magnetic door key cards are a risk for disclosing personal information is false according to research. The examples at the top of the article that look like sheets of paper are showing the incorrect information that is sometimes sent via email. You have to read the whole article to get the full story. Computerworld did an extensive study that showed that hotels don’t put sensitive personal information on the cards. They have no reason to do so.

Snopes confirmation of the story that a man horrified people by running into a skyscraper window actually happened in Toronto. Windows do crash so don’t take the risk.