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There is lots of controversy about Digital Rights Management so it will be a frequent topic.

Security and feudalism: Own or be pwned

Cory Doctorow explains how the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is battling the perfect storm of bad security, abusive business practices, and threats to the very nature of property itself. In the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) there is a need to take action to avoid a dystopian future. Cory identifies the disastrous consequences of DRM…

Who Owns your PC?

This may seem to be obvious but when you really think about it the answer may not be so obvious. You bought the personal computer and presumably installed the software that runs on it but are you really in control of what it is used for? If your PC isn’t secured it can fall prey…

The Pig and the Bucket

A little story for kids about sharing related to Digital Rights Management. Also check out the Crow that could Fly story on Patent Abuse for kids and CEOs.