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Smishing Scam

Today a smishing1 scam was attempted against my iPhone. It all starts with a SMS text message which directs you to a web site that is intending to trick you into thinking is somehow related to Apple2. Figure 1 – SMS text message received on my iPhone. The phone number can be checked out of…

Getting a job without losing your identity

There are a lot of people looking for work right now and with the difficult conditions that search can become desperate. While a whatever it takes attitude is important it is also wise to be aware that there are people out there on the Internet and elsewhere that are looking to take advantage of the…

Canadian Identity Theft Coverage

Identity theft got some more attention today with CBC coverage on reactions to their Going Going Gone segment. Silentbanker windows trojan/key logger was mentioned as a threat without much in the way of protection being identified. Jennifer Stoddart and Michael Geist were interviewed with the conclusion being that more teeth is needed for enforcing the…

Getting the facts on Identity Theft

There has been some contention on the true status of identity theft since it is undergoing transformation in the types that are being perpetrated. Identity theft status There is no denying that identity theft continues to be a major problem that merits some creative solutions.

Identity-theft scam hits close to home

Statistics show identity theft is becoming more prevalent with many different types that are increasingly more sophisticated. This one targets job seekers. Identity-theft scam catches 100 people in net: Identity-theft scam catches 100 people in net Police display fraudulent driver’s licences, SIN cards, credit cards