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Geek Summer Reading: Encryption!

Mozilla recommends some books about encryption for summer reading.

Let’s be clear about what are our secrets

There is a need for people, especially system developers, to have a clearer understanding about secrets both for identification and authentication. This also relates to privacy since our secrets must remain private but we may also want to keep information private that is not related to security. Information used for identification doesn’t necessarily need to…

Passwords are a Failure

March 2005 The Password Is Fayleyure Today’s password schemes are unworkable and offer little security for users. By Michael Schrage Under Review: Password selection for Yahoo! Mail etc. PokeKey1…ou812$…twasbri11ig!. All were favorite passwords of mine long ago. The first is the name of the puppy I briefly had as a child. The second was shamelessly…

Protected: Can you keep a secret?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.