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The State of Computer Security

James Mickens explains the dismal state of computer security. It’s complicated.

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An Effort to Fix Internet Confidentiality & Security

An effort to fix Internet confidentiality and security starts with defining the approach and who’s responsibility is it anyway. Unfortunately it is even less clear who to trust in the modern world.

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WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for publishing information online. Over 20% of sites use WordPress so it is a popular target for attacks. has some videos on WordPress security to help people improve the … Continue reading

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Computer Administration

xkcd nails what is wrong with this picture in computer administration by visualizing what is really at risk vs. what is protected. At the very least if all your services are on your user account, especially if you have remember … Continue reading

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Flashback Trojan Mac Malware

Although Mac malware is almost non-existent, that is no reason to become complacent and think the Mac is completely immune. A trojan named Flashback with several variants that supports remote control of a Mac has infected over 600,000 Macs by … Continue reading

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US Cyberwarfare Guidelines Signed

The risk factor blog has a summary of the new cyberwarfare rules being established by the US government.

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There are More Cyber Attacks, with more impact, and they are getting more attention

A summary by an IEEE risk analyst shows that there is a trend of more cyber attacks with greater impact that are getting publicized including attacks against security vendors themselves. The attack on Treasury Board in Canada was notable in … Continue reading

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SMB Security Knowing-Doing Gap

A survey of 2000 small businesses in the US and UK shows a gap between security awareness and action. Security software company AVG surveyed a sample of 2,000 SMBs in the United States and United Kingdom and found that not … Continue reading

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Experiments Testing Airport Security Theater

Another expose on the ineffectiveness of airport security. The extra mile would be to suggest what should be done for a difficult problem of delivering effective security while not overly inconveniencing people and jeopardizing air travel business. This article at … Continue reading

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Beckstrom’s Law

Beckstrom’s law says the value of the network is not the square of the number of nodes, it is the difference between the value of the transactions and the costs. as a formula: V = B – C’ – SI … Continue reading

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