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Best Free Anti-Virus Utilities

I was just asked recently what my recommendations are for best free anti-malware software. I checked my previous recommendations and was shocked that they were made 10 years ago. My how time flies but thankfully sometimes recommendations can stand the test of time. PCMag just made a new set of recommendations (March 1 2016) for…

The State of Computer Security

James Mickens explains the dismal state of computer security. It’s complicated.

10 Reasons Why You Should Search Using DuckDuckGo

If you care about your privacy you really should consider DuckDuckGo as your search engine. You get the privacy benefits and you don’t sacrifice on quality as it is a full featured and powerful alternative to Google and other search engines. This article has been lightly edited from the original article on the hongkiat web…

Privacy for your Searches

If you are interested in protecting your privacy consider using Duckduckgo(The search engine that doesn’t track you) as your default search engine. It has some great features. Duckduckgo is also available as an app for your iPhone. You can read more about Duckduckgo in the wikipedia article.

Its Bullying not Cyberbullying

Anil Dash recently posted on his blog that the term cyberbullying used in the media is not useful, not accurate, and distracts people away from the main issue which is bullying. Bullies will misuse whatever tools are available. The emphasis should be on the behaviour not the technology which is used.

CBC Newsworld Show on the Use of Online Photos

Yesterday CBC Newsworld had a show about a mother who was shocked to find that photos of her son that had been posted publicly on Flickr also showed up on an MTS Allstream site and a site in Portugal with comments on how cute he was. This was followed by the usual alarmist commentary and…

Prospects for Open-ID

The following article is from Network World Identity Management by David Kearns. It reviews the potential of Open-ID and references some recent questions raised about it by Kim Cameron who favours a solution that includes client side software implementation. Since Open-ID is evolving, with a new version 2 being developed, more information is needed to…

Identifying Relationships in Flickr

Flickr is one of the best online photo sharing sites but it is clumsy identifying relationships for who should have access to photos.

Hello world!

Welcome to My Digital Identity. This site is devoted to topics on digital identity, online security, and privacy. These are exciting times with many new developments and issues associated with the internet being enhanced with identity based intelligence. Hopefully this site can contribute useful resources and information for people interested in online identity topics.