WordPress Security

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for publishing information online. Over 20% of sites use WordPress so it is a popular target for attacks. WordPress.tv has some videos on WordPress security to help people improve the security of their sites. Notice the kid in the front row. You can never start

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The Privacy Payoff

Privacy Payoff Book Review With the current news of Facebook’s IPO it is good to review selected chapters from a classic text on the importance of privacy by Ann Cavoukian the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Don Tapscott in the forward provides a reminder of the digital shadow that results from data generated from

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Google vs. Facebook Social Network Security

Google and Facebook are in a battle for the next generation of Internet which is all about making it more social (i.e. The network adapts to human requirements instead of people being constrained by network limitations). Facebook has already started to respond to Google’s initiative to include more functional privacy features such as circles (not

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