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Best Free Anti-Virus Utilities

I was just asked recently what my recommendations are for best free anti-malware software. I checked my previous recommendations and was shocked that they were made 10 years ago. My how time flies but thankfully sometimes recommendations can stand the … Continue reading

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Flashback Trojan Mac Malware

Although Mac malware is almost non-existent, that is no reason to become complacent and think the Mac is completely immune. A trojan named Flashback with several variants that supports remote control of a Mac has infected over 600,000 Macs by … Continue reading

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McAfee Free Stinger Anti-Virus software for Windows OS

Bucaro identifies McAfee Stinger as a potential free supplement to your regular anti-virus software for Windows OS.

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Beware of Comantra Scam

If you get a call from a stranger who tells you that they know you have computer problems that can be solved by following their directions to allow remote access don’t be fooled. Either hang up right away or collect … Continue reading

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Power of Free comes to Cloud Antivirus

I have written about the free business model and anti-malware before but now the two are coming together in a cloud service. Panda Cloud Antivirus hits Internet for free (Via USA Today.) I have had good success using Panda before … Continue reading

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