10 Reasons Why You Should Search Using DuckDuckGo

If you care about your privacy you really should consider DuckDuckGo as your search engine. You get the privacy benefits and you don’t sacrifice on quality as it is a full featured and powerful alternative to Google and other search engines. This article has been lightly edited from the original article on the hongkiat web …

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Privacy for your Searches

If you are interested in protecting your privacy consider using Duckduckgo(The search engine that doesn’t track you) as your default search engine. It has some great features. Duckduckgo is also available as an app for your iPhone. You can read more about Duckduckgo in the wikipedia article.

Its Bullying not Cyberbullying

Anil Dash recently posted on his blog that the term cyberbullying used in the media is not useful, not accurate, and distracts people away from the main issue which is bullying. Bullies will misuse whatever tools are available. The emphasis should be on the behaviour not the technology which is used.

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