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Uber has Privacy data problems

Uber has Privacy data problems that employees are exploiting to track politicians, celebrities, ex spouses, etc.

10 Reasons Why You Should Search Using DuckDuckGo

If you care about your privacy you really should consider DuckDuckGo as your search engine. You get the privacy benefits and you don’t sacrifice on quality as it is a full featured and powerful alternative to Google and other search engines. This article has been lightly edited from the original article on the hongkiat web…

Privacy for your Searches

If you are interested in protecting your privacy consider using Duckduckgo(The search engine that doesn’t track you) as your default search engine. It has some great features. Duckduckgo is also available as an app for your iPhone. You can read more about Duckduckgo in the wikipedia article.

Should we trust Google? or FaceBook? or Amazon? or Apple?

My intent is not to spoil your happiness with Google (I use some of their services too) but in case you are curious why I am questioning their business model and trustworthiness below are a few reference points. Google advertises themselves as the champion of openness but when it comes to their core business that…

Apple Criticizes Google on Privacy

On Daring Fireball, Gruber comments on Eric Schmidt’s response to Tim Cook’s latest Charlie Rose interview where Tim contrasted Apple vs. Google regarding protecting privacy. Eric’s response was that Tim Cook is misinformed about the security measures Google takes to protect user information from the government and crooks. Actually the issue Tim was talking about…

An Effort to Fix Internet Confidentiality & Security

An effort to fix Internet confidentiality and security starts with defining the approach and who’s responsibility is it anyway. Unfortunately it is even less clear who to trust in the modern world.

Four Privacy Settings you should enable in IOS7

Jason O’Grady writes about 4 privacy settings you need to enable so you are not being tracked.

The Price of becoming Unstuck

Over on the Unclutterer blog a new contributor Deb Lee has done a review of the Unstuck iPad app. It is a free app that asks a lot of questions about how you are stuck with a problem and then offers some suggestions that might help you get unstuck. Deb is impressed with the app…

The Privacy Payoff

Privacy Payoff Book Review With the current news of Facebook’s IPO it is good to review selected chapters from a classic text on the importance of privacy by Ann Cavoukian the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. Don Tapscott in the forward provides a reminder of the digital shadow that results from data generated from…

Facebook Security

Scott Wright recently made a presentation at an OCRI meeting on social networking security. He has recorded a podcast interview on Facebook security. He is also a Toastmaster who has documented the top three Facebook security risks covered in his Facebook Party-Pooper speech. Then he provides a link to Tom Eston’s recommendations for Facebook privacy…