Gamergate Discrediting Wikipedia?!

Mark Bernstein has written a 3 part series on the serious issue of how Wikipedia is being used as a weapon against feminists who have been criticizing the portrayal of women in games. Gamergate refers to gaming developers and enthusiasts who are using Wikipedia and other media to discredit their critics. Mark’s articles are an important expose of how Wikipedia’s policy decisions are allowing the web site to be used as a weapon in an information war. If this is not corrected will we ever be able to trust Wikipedia again and is this the beginning of the end of its downfall?

Gamergate Part 1 Infamous
Gamergate Part 2 Thoughtless
Gamergate Part 3 Careless

Previous to this Wikipedia has been a success story because of their editorial processes that prevented lies and misuse of the information on its site. What has gone wrong?! Will it be corrected?

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