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Useful summary of things that need to be considered as a blogger about going on the record.

Reputation is being built or not by Internet publishing and there is no eraser.

BusinessWeek Online
You Are What You Post
Friday March 17, 4:23 pm ET
By Michelle Conlin

One drizzly night in Seattle in 2001, Josh Santangelo was hanging out on his computer, clicking through an obscure Web site called Fray. After reading a post that asked if anyone had ever had a bad drug trip, the 22-year-old straightened up and began banging away. “Actually yes, about 36 hours ago…” he wrote. “Two Rolls Royces and four hits of liquid later, I was at a Playboy-themed birthday party with a head as dense as a brick…. It’s hard to say no,” he explained, “when a pretty girl is popping things into your mouth.”

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