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Privacy for your Searches

If you are interested in protecting your privacy consider using Duckduckgo(The search engine that doesn’t track you) as your default search engine. It has some great features. Duckduckgo is also available as an app for your iPhone. You can read … Continue reading

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Gamergate Discrediting Wikipedia?!

Mark Bernstein has written a 3 part series on the serious issue of how Wikipedia is being used as a weapon against feminists who have been criticizing the portrayal of women in games. Gamergate refers to gaming developers and enthusiasts … Continue reading

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Should we trust Google? or FaceBook? or Amazon? or Apple?

My intent is not to spoil your happiness with Google (I use some of their services too) but in case you are curious why I am questioning their business model and trustworthiness below are a few reference points. Google advertises … Continue reading

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