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Requested Security References

Requested Security References The following are some reference links requested from my Information System Security Officer Orientation course. Reference for Urban Legends and Scams Free Windows Malware Protection Applications: Windows Security Utility Software Windows Anti-Virus Software original Windows Anti-Virus … Continue reading

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The State of Computer Security

James Mickens explains the dismal state of computer security. It’s complicated.

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DocZone Online Scam Investigation

The video is 45 minutes long but it is well worth watching to really increase awareness about the extent of online scams. The highlights for me were: 419 eBook by Will Ferguson (419 is the Nigerian criminal code for the … Continue reading

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Gamergate Discrediting Wikipedia?!

Mark Bernstein has written a 3 part series on the serious issue of how Wikipedia is being used as a weapon against feminists who have been criticizing the portrayal of women in games. Gamergate refers to gaming developers and enthusiasts … Continue reading

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Smishing Scam

Today a smishing1 scam was attempted against my iPhone. It all starts with a SMS text message which directs you to a web site that is intending to trick you into thinking is somehow related to Apple2. Figure 1 – … Continue reading

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Facebook is Attacking the Internet

Anil Dash has written an important article, Facebook is gas lighting the web, explaining the dirty tricks Facebook is doing to fight for domination of the Internet. He calls it gas lighting and it is way beyond just competing for … Continue reading

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The truth about Internet Rumours revealed

I have found as a quite useful and trustworthy site for research on Internet rumours and scams. It is a bit like the mythbusters tv show as it strives to provide the truth on information being spread especially when … Continue reading

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SMB Security Knowing-Doing Gap

A survey of 2000 small businesses in the US and UK shows a gap between security awareness and action. Security software company AVG surveyed a sample of 2,000 SMBs in the United States and United Kingdom and found that not … Continue reading

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