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Gamergate Discrediting Wikipedia?!

Mark Bernstein has written a 3 part series on the serious issue of how Wikipedia is being used as a weapon against feminists who have been criticizing the portrayal of women in games. Gamergate refers to gaming developers and enthusiasts … Continue reading

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Technology review recently provided another example of cyberbullying. When people take their disagreements online and use identity information to smear someone’s reputation or attack them it is not a joke.

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Hackers and Crackers

This topic has been debated before (the hacker definition controversy) but I am strongly in favor of using different names for people who use computers for good or evil (or at least mischief). Unfortunately the press has tended to use … Continue reading

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The Mindful Blogger

Useful summary of things that need to be considered as a blogger about going on the record. Reputation is being built or not by Internet publishing and there is no eraser. BusinessWeek Online You Are What You Post Friday March … Continue reading

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